• Client : EnergyA project
  • Project Type : Photo reportage
  • View Project : Available current 2019

Photography and video

Visual storytelling on science-related themes

Enrica De Cian, principal investigator of the ERC EnergyA project, decided to add a visual component to the coverage of her peer-reviewed articles. The project focuses on the adaptation to climate change thanks to the use of energy: for instance Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, and Desalinization.

Enrica firmly believes in the fundamental role of images to divulge effectively to a wide audience scientific topics, which are sometimes hard to deconstruct and understand. This marks the beginning of a collaboration with the New York-based photographer and cinematographer Gaia Squarci. Our expertise is essential in mediating between the researchers and the photographer, researching relevant sources and providing the key topics for the photo story.

The first story will be published in late 2019, stay tuned!

This portfolio gathers a variety of photos from previous projects shot by Gaia Squarci. All rights reserved.