About us

Carbon, the sixth element, is often referred to as the King of the Elements for a bunch of very good reasons. It is of fundamental importance for life’s code DNA, it is at the center of the photosynthetic process which allows plant to fix Carbon for all other living things thanks to sunlight, and because its many different forms are extensively used in a wide range of sectors.

Indeed, Carbon’s ability to form covalent bonds is unique: it forms with several other atoms single, double or triple bonds, chains, and even rings! When it bonds with itself it can also form very different materials: Diamond for instance is a colourless, transparent, crystalline solid and the hardest known material while on the opposite, Graphite, is black, shiny, soft and slippery and is a good conductor of both heat and electricity.

Depending on the specific topic you study and the type of results you want to communicate, we will interact to form these covalent bonds – graphics, interactivity, simplification, design, wording – needed by your work to transform it into the perfect material, tailored to your context and your audience.

Say you have millions of data you want to display efficiently? We can develop for you a web app that allows to browse easily through your results and show clearly the key messages of your research to whoever your target is.

Or maybe you need to present an important work of research for a bid or a conference, then you may want to rely on our expertise to rearrange the speech and prepare from scratch an engaging presentation.

Or say you have this groundbreaking research you want to showcase to the general public. We can prepare an infographic, a fun or a serious video with interviews, illustrations, or motion graphics depending on your budget and on the specific audience you want to address.

When Carbon bonds with oxygen it becomes responsible for our most urgent and unheard issue today, as it is continuously released into the atmosphere through the burning of fossil fuels and forests to feed our ever growing economy and world wide rising living standards – and this alters Earth’s climate. Climate change, and its many declinations and perspectives in today’s research are at the core of our communication expertise since more than 10 years… but we also deal with widely different academic topics, such as philosophy or behavioral economics. As Carbon, element6.eu is characterized by its great flexibility in shapes, uses and purposes.

Without a planned process for its communication, your long research work will most probably remain in its academic bubble, with its scheduled presentation at conferences, its publications, but it may never rise above the crowd or possibly reach other types of audiences.

Luckily our team is here to help you organise and fix key concepts for the benefit of your audience. After working more than 10 years at Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei, in 2015 Jacopo Crimi opened the elementsix design agency for researchers. He now coordinates the communication projects and takes care of the scientific aspects. Barbara Modolo is our graphic designer and she implements the logo or the infographic you need, while Andrea Guerriero programs your website and the online app you want.

If you would like to know more, or ask for a specific quote, drop us a line at info@element6.eu

Web Design

We design your logo and website based on your specific field of research while we can also support you in updating it regularly with relevant content.


We can translate very technical content into pretty simple graphics or illustrations, depending on your target.


We review the speech with you according to the context, and we prepare a beautiful and relevant presentation specific for your audience.

Data Visualization

We reason on how to best present your data and we build mobile friendly online apps completely opensource for our client.