Our new online app
Climate Change

Our new online app

Jacopo Crimi, 28 Settembre 2018

The Sustainable Gas Institute wanted his own online app, as the main Energy Models out there, to showcase the results of the complex simulations ran. Their model, named MUSE (ModUlar energy system Simulation Environment), is pretty unique as it couples a technologically-rich approach and a high sub-regional spatial resolution to enable detailed characterisation of energy resources, infrastructure costs, and the distribution of demand.

The challenge, from our point of view, was to reflect this deep granularity of data in the interface, and at the same time have an app which could be fast in its queries, but also simple enough to not scare away non-experts. Also, we wanted to be sure that the MUSE team could update the interface depending on their needs, and without our support! So the design of the software allows the client to add as many dropdowns he wants – or conversely delete all of them – in a blink of an eye, operating directly on the mySQL database.