• Client : Centro Euro-Mediterraneo sui Cambiamenti Climatici
  • Project Type : Website, Identity Design
  • View Project : agriculture-resilience.eu/

Climate change and Resilience of Agricultural System

Website and logo for a MSCA on the benefits of biodiversity to face climate change

CRAS investigates the role of agrobiodiversity as a key component for the future adaptation of agriculture to a changing climate. Indeed, agrobiodiversity conservation at the global, regional and farm levels can provide natural adaptation and insurance to farm households as well as resilience to farming communities and sustainability.

Our role Рas usual Рwas to emphasize the peculiarities of the project and make it stand out, both visually and conceptually. The researcher leading the project  have already calculated a set of spatial biodiversity indexes, and this is why we decided that maps would play a central role, both in the design of the logo, and of the website.