• Client : University of Twente
  • Project Type : Website, Identity Design, Communication plan
  • View Project : sc3.center

Center for Social Complexity of Climate Change

Website for an ERC grant on adaptation to climate change

Tatiana Filatova, winner of an ERC grant focused on Scaling up behavior and autonomous adaptation for macro models of climate change damage assessment contacted us last fall to build the website for her research group.  As for all our clients, we started to first gather and then organise all the materials and services Tatiana wanted embedded in the platform. We soon realize here research could be classified according to three clusters, each being a zoom out of the previous one.

We therefore decided to build the whole identity of the website relying on the idea of scalability, starting from the logo, and keeping in mind the client loves Escher. The design and implementation of the website follows the same logic, and can now be updated autonomously by Tatiana’s team. We will nevertheless continue to provide her with continuous support during the lifespan of her ERC for any communication work such as blogposts, presse releases, and graphics.