Chloe Sustainability

Simple website for a young green consultancy start up

We met Nadia years ago in FEEM and reconnected only recently for this new adventure she had in her dreams for a while.

Nadia and Giada are the two hearts and minds behind Chloe Sustainability, the result of a 10-year experience in sustainability and culture, lived from different but complementary perspectives. Nadia brings the scientific sparkle into the mix, while Giada lends her cultural management stardust. Together, they aspire to contribute to a better future for the cultural and creative sectors, where sustainability is at the heart of every process.

To make the last necessary step into making their dream reality, they obviously needed a brand new website. but most of all, in our opinion, a simple infographic which could explain to potential clients the value added of their approach and expertise. We therefore played a bit with the design of the logo to come out with a classy, yet simple, explanation of their technical expertise.