• Client : MET Office
  • Project Type : Video

Climate Europe network

Set of 4 short videos filmed at a conference

The MET Office, coordinator of this research network focused on Climate Services, needed to have a set of 4 short videos to present on the web the partnership and its goals. We decided to took advantage of the nice illustrations drafted during the conference to aid visually the understanding and make the product more entertaining.

So for the main video of this set – you can watch here below – we prepared with the MET Office the script before the conference, and filmed the coordinator Chris Hewitt with a green screen on the background, thus animating the illustrations in post production with Adobe After Effects.

For the other 3 videos of the set, each dedicated to a particular topic, we shoot some interviews with the main scholars directly during the breaks of the conference, and used the footage filmed during the conference to make the videos more dynamic.