• client : prof. Carlos Dionisio Pérez Blanco


A clear presentation for the 2nd stage interview of this 2023 ERC Consolidator grant

Carlos Dionisio Pérez Blanco is an Associate Professor at Universidad de Salamanca, where he is the Principal Investigator  and coordinator of several Horizon Europe project studying water resources in the context of climate change.

In June 2023, he contacted us to help him prepare for the second stage of the 2023 ERC Consolidator grant, schedule for September. We help him revise and organise his speech and prepared from scratch a clear 5 minutes presentation, which does set some firm points of the discourse, but most importantly does not distract the jury from listening to the candidate.

In December 2023, we happily learned that the proposal was funded. We will therefore support prof. Pérez Blanco in the preparation of all the communication materials he will need during his research work with his team. The funded proposal will study the nonlinear adaptive behaviours of farmers to be able to forecast water theft and illegal abstractions, to ultimately better allocate resources and policies.