The best researchers in Europe

Jacopo Crimi, 29 Novembre 2018

… and meaning no offence to all the others which did not applied or did not pass the selection… but the list of the awarded European Research Council Consolidator grants is the place to be!

We can proudly notice that Italians rank second, just after Germans, with 35 awarded researchers, but unfortunately most of their Hosting Institutions are abroad.  Indeed, this grant represent a huge boost for these top European researchers as it allow them to choose freely their Hosting Institution, and basically earn them independence from sometimes obsolete academic dynamics.

You can apply for these prestigious grants directly via the ERC portal, choosing Starting, Consolidator, or Advanced grants, depending on the stage you are in your career.

The recent Consolidator Grant competition awarded 291 top scientists  across Europe (approximately 12% of the submitted proposals) for a total of €573 million and will give them a chance to build up their teams (creating around 1.750 jobs for postdocs, PhD students and other staff ) and have far-reaching impact. This year grantees include researchers working on beetle compasses, wage inequality, metasurfaces and multi-limbed robots! Have a look at the Highlighted projects on the ERC portal to know more about the grantees and the next rounds of selection.