• Client : University of Turin
  • Project Type : Website, Identity Design
  • View Project : facets-erc.eu

Face Aesthetics in Contemporary E-Technological Societies

Website and logo for an ERC grant on the semiotics of the face

Facets is an exciting new ERC project – launched in 2020 – studying Face Aesthetics in Contemporary E-Technological Societies. Massimo Leone, leader of this Grant, requested us a very graphical look for his website and had the same time the requirement to upload a vast amount of contents on a regular basis and in full autonomy.

Given the focus of the project, we therefore proposed a look essentially based on faces iconography and a lot of visuals, which could recall the looks of art galleries and museum websites. On the management side, we made sure the administrative interface was simple enough to allow easy content editing for non-experts.

Also the design of the logo is a little success story we are very proud of: the lettering of the acronym of the project itself recalls immediately a face, emphasizing directly a very important aspect of the research work itself, named pareidolia, which is the peculiar ability of the human brain to immediately detect faces in images or representations, even if there are none. Our graphic designer declined the concept in 3 slightly different versions, the client loved them all but had to eventually choose only one, so he opted for the 2nd one here below.