• Client : UCL London
  • Project Type : Website, Identity Design
  • View Project : protego-erc.eu

Procedural Tools for Effective Governance

Website and online tool for an ERC grant focused on public policy

Prof. Radaelli and Prof. Dunlop won their ERC back in 2016 to work on the assessment of the effectiveness of procedural tools within the EU. Together with their research team, they analysed a vast set of legislation to find out  which are the best available ones to European policy makers to effectively lower corruption, improve competitiveness and foster innovations in the EU among others.

While we are working on an online tool which will be allow interested users to easily interrogate  the complex database of rules and legislations set up by the Protego team, we implemented for them an elegant website already focused on providing different services to users.

The overall design of the website is meant to facilitate the navigation trough a multitude of services in one glimpse: the usual blog posts, events, publications, but also legal Experts in each of the members’ state to ask for specific support concerning national legislations and a set of training courses designed to spread the project’s usable knowledge.